Global Citizenship

“Kindness connects & transforms… both the doer and the receiver!”

We would like to focus on  ‘Kindness’ as our sub-theme for the academic year 2016-17 under our schools’ main theme of ‘Global Citizenship’.

When we think of a Global Citizen, we think of a person who is kind towards people and resources. One who is curious and wishes to understand others, appreciative of other points of view and enjoys the World and its differences. Such a person’s kindness extends to a sustainable use of natural resources.

Our desire to cultivate this characteristic in our students, has made us choose this sub-theme.Kindness is not a subject generally taught in schools, but it is definitely something that children need to know about. Children are like sponges, they learn every minute of the day. The best way of teaching kindness to them, is to talk about it, show it to them and to do it.

Talk about it:

Discuss what kindness is. There are many good starting points like a book read, a cartoon watched, or a situation we or our children have witnessed. Talk about what is kind in it and what is not.

Kindness requires looking at something from many points of view and not just your own. This is the most important skill for a Global Citizen: call it Kindness Glasses, teach children to put them on and look at the situations from different perspectives.

Show it:

Children learn by example. We adults basically work as the environment around them from where they pick up and learn ways of living. Draw their attention to the acts of kindness. There are so many kind things happening around us, pay attention to them and see if there is something that can be adopted by us and our children.

Practice it:

Kindness can be so different and can take so many shapes. Discuss with children what kindness is for them, let them choose what they would like to do this day, week and month and let them do it, any small random act of kindness, give a lot of appreciation and make it a regular way of life in our homes.

Global Kindness:

Our world desperately needs a healing touch of kindness. As children grow up, discover and explore the world beyond their immediate surroundings, keep talking, showing and doing kind acts.

Teaching children to see different situations with their Kindness Glasses on,will certainly reduce the unnecessary problems and concerns arising due to lack  of understanding, empathy and kindness, eventually making the world a better place and our children sensitive Global Citizens.