How Does School Business Prepare Students for Life After School

School is an institution which empowers students to think, learn, explore and discover. It prepares students for various challenges and one such challenges is entrepreneurship. School business helps students to develop critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills, these will help us invent our own career.

School Business benefits students from all socioeconomical backgrounds because it teaches students to think outside the box and nurtures unconventional talents and skills. Furthermore, it creates opportunity, ensures social justice, instills confidence and stimulates the economy thereby reading to economical development.

School need not teach these skills through text books only. They can organize various business activities which involves students in the school business. For example : Setting up stalls of various food items preferred by most of the people and selling them at appropriate prices. The money earned from such activities can be given in charity by the school. All above opportunities are provided to us by our school through School Enterprise Challenge.


  • TEAMWORK : In school business, students take on different roles and responsibilities. Students in a leadership position learn how to motivate their team. Others learn how to collaborate with peers. It also means making decisions as a group and using everyones strengths to overcome challenges.


  • COMMUNICATION : From dealing with local customers to pitching a business idea students as entrepreneurs learn early on how to communicate professionally and confidently. Students learn marketing skills to effectively reach their target audience.


  • PROBLEM SOLVING : School business encourage learners to use critical thinking and creativity when faced with challenges. It empowers students to deal with business problem with confidence. They learn how to turn challenges into opportunities to make their business stronger.


  • GOAL SETTING : Students learn how to set and achieve goals outlined in their business plans and see success as a journey, not an end game this helps them in future to manage and accomplish their business goals, they can extent this outlook to their personal lives. Some students even go on to start their own business after school, improving their livelihood and o9ffering employment opportunities.

School Business activities also create financial awareness among the students by teaching them budgeting, banking and numeracy which are essential skills. Schools Business activities give learners real life context for their academic studies and help teachers makes their lessons relevant beyond the classrooms.