Business it is known that there is more to success than academic achievement. A great education isn’t simply about passing exams, it’s about enabling students to develop the qualities and skills that they need to be successful at school and beyond

Global citizenship is the idea of all persons having rights and civic responsibilities that come with being a member of the world , with the whole world philosophy and sensibilities, rather than as a citizen of a particular nation or place. In my school we are being embedded with global citizenship through business enterprise.

Business enterprise not only teaches us student the art of business but also the component of production and sale of goods. In our school we produce the goods by ourselves and sell goods among ourselves.

This activity conducted, not only prepare us for life ahead but also teaches us to value money. Many children of this current generation don’t know how difficult it is to earn money. The only thing they care about is their wants.

All the money earned by this activity is donated to an NGO. The purpose of this is to help those who are not as fortunate as us it also teaches us that we should help others whenever it is possible for us.

All in all it teaches us the sense of responsibility and different work skills. It prepare us for the life in the 21st century where socializing working and learning different arts and cultures of different nationalities is very important.