June 2011
Day & Date Activities & Events
6th Monday School  reopens
15th Wednesday Effective study habits – std X –  10.30 am to 11.30 am
17th Friday Albert Barrow Memorial All India Interschool Creative Writing Competition
18th Saturday Visiting Day  &  election  of  PTA  members
20th Monday Environment week
22nd Wednesday Selection of Peer Councilors
23rd Thursday Cricket / Kho – Kho semi – final
24th Friday Earth House Day , Spelling Bee Competition
27th Monday Training of Peer councilors
28th Tuesday Cricket / Kho – Kho final
29th Wednesday Maths  Quiz
      July 2011
Day & Date              Activities & Events
4th Monday First  Semester  Examination std  IX &  X
15th Friday Last Day of Semester Exam
19th Tuesday Inter House Chess / Carrom Semi – final
20th Wednesday Inter  House Chess / Carrom semi – final
21st Thursday Inter  House Chess / Carrom  final
25th Monday C C E – 2 for std VI  to VIII
              August 2011
Day & Date        Activities & Events
10th Wednesday G K Quiz
12th Friday Leadership training
15th Monday Independence Day
17th Wednesday Meljhol  –  VI   A, B
18th Thursday Meljhol  –  VI   C, D
20th Saturday Visiting Day
24th Wednesday Sex Education for Std X
26th Friday Intramurals – Football & Throwball (semi- final )
27th Saturday Intramurals – Football & Throwball ( final )
30th Tuesday Camel colour contest
               September 2011
Day & Date                  Activities & Events
2nd Friday English Elocution Competition ( std VI – VIII )
2nd Friday Murarji Vaidya Elocution Competition ( std IX – X )
7th Wednesday First Semester for Std VI -VIII
8th Thursday International Literacy Day
10th Saturday Parents Workshop
14th Wednesday Hindi Din , Hindi Elocution Competition ( std IX & X )
21st Wednesday Last day of Exam
22nd Thursday Second Term Begins ( std VI & VII )
23rd Friday Volley ball & Hand ball –  semi final
24th Saturday Volley ball & Hand ball –  final   &  M I — Teacher Seminar
30th Friday Interhouse I T Presentation  &  Debate
                 October 2011
Day & Date         Activities & Events
2nd Sunday Cleanliness drive VII   A, B , C , D
3rd Monday Hindi Elocution ( VI  – VIII )
4th Tuesday World  Animal’s  Day
5th Wednesday World Teacher’s Day
7th Friday Std IX – Second Semester Examination  &  Std  X –  Preliminary Examination
10th Monday World Mental Health Day , Mental Health Week
14th Friday mental Health week
21st Friday Last Day of Exam
22nd Saturday Diwali Vacation Begins
                 November 2011
Day & Date       Activities & Events
14th Monday School Re- Opens 
15th Tuesday World Recycling Day , Talent Search Contest
16th Wednesday International Day of Tolerance
18th Friday Announcement of School Council
19th Saturday Picnic
22nd Tuesday Election of Leaders
23rd Wednesday Street Play Std IX
26th Saturday Visiting Day / Report & Science Exhibition
28th Monday Aptitude test – Std X
29th Tuesday Marathi Elocution ( Std VI – VIII)
30th Wednesday Singing competition , Aptitude test – Std X
                  December 2011
Day & Date          Activities & Events
2nd Friday International Day for Abolition of Slavery
9th Friday Human Rights Day
19th Monday Rehearsal 1 ( Annual Day )
20th Tuesday Costume Rehearsal ( Annual Day )
21st Wednesday Annual Day at St. Andrews Auditorium , Bandra
22nd Thursday Christmas Vacation Begins
                   January 2012
Day & Date       Activities & Events
2nd Monday Std X – Preliminary examination
13th Friday Last Day of Preliminary Examination /   Art & Craft  Exhibition
18th Wednesday Annual Athletic Meet – Semi final
20th Friday Annual Athletic Meet – Final
23th Monday Career Fair
24th Tuesday Career Fair
26th Thursday Republic Day , Prize distribution for Indoor games & Investiture ceremony
28th Saturday Annual Prize distribution