Student Stories

Anushka Salunkhe - EX Student-Batch of 2018

St. Johns Universal School has undoubtedly played an integral part in the moulding of all the students and bringing out their talents. The teachers are all so encouraging and supporting. The school keeps on introducing the students to new extra curricular activities and inter-school competitions with each being more challenging than the other.  Getting my story ‘The Enigma’ published by prestigious publishers such as Crossword and The Write Place would only have been a dream if not for the school introducing the ‘ I want to be an AUTHOR ‘ competition organised by Crossword.

The school not only pushes us to excel but also make sure that the children do not feel pressurised. I remember attending various seminars organised by the school about mental and physical health and also the motivational speeches delivered by some of the successful people we had the pleasure of meeting because of our school being considerate and willing to teach us life lessons beyond the pages of the books. This knowledge helped me in turning into a Global Citizen as the school aims to make all of the students into responsible Global Citizens. All the praises I receive today would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the values imbibed in me by my school and teachers.

Thank you St. Johns Universal School !

Student Stories
Student Stories

Tanveer Kaur Alag - EX Student - Batch of 2018

Hi, I am Tanveer Kaur Alag, ex-student of St. John’s Universal School. I was the sports captain of the school and have won the best athelete award in academic year 2017-18. Being one of the council member of our school I had opportunity to attend Leadership training which helped me in striving excellence in my duties. With the guidance of our respected Principal Ma’am Ms. Shalini Jaiswal, my teachers and school management I scored 94.80% in my final exams. 

At the age of 3, I became a part of this colossal institute. I always loved going to school as it was my happy place to be. SJU always provided me and my fellow classmates a comfortable and safe environment to study in.

The teachers and also the non teaching staff have always been supportive and approachable during any situations. 

I enjoyed participating in Inter school drama and sports competitions. Sports day and Annual day were my favourite events of the year. 

The experience of these valuable 13 years will always remain special for me. Definitely I can say proudly that SJU was my second home.

Thank you

Abhishek Sreekant - EX Student - Batch of 2017

I am Abhishek Sreekant, ex- Head Boy (2016-17), Merit Awardee and TIME PERSON OF THE YEAR 2006 The very word ‘School’ carries a lot of emotions with it and we are transported to a world where we spend half of our day studying, reading and writing, then enjoying other co-curricular activities too such as sports, dance, music, etc. I joined the school when I was in nursery and imbibed a lot in the school environment where my personalities and characters were shaped The foundation of our early years is very important as it informs our future and this very foundation is being laid down by our school. My journey in the school was excellent, in fact whatever I am today I owe it all to my school.

I would like to thank my parents for sending me to such a great school honourable Principal and all the teachers who worked for the better prospects of their students. The environment in my school was cheerful

The teachers were friendly and answered all my doubts even if they made no sense. My school has given me a lot many things, i.e. it has made me confident, independent and knowledgeable. I can never get over the indelible impression that my school has left over me – that time of waking up early morning, preparing for school, walking inside the classrooms, reading. writing, finishing the assignments, appearing for the examination, participating in annual functions, debate competitions and of course last but not the least sports too. There are many seminars held which helps the students realize the importance of health, hygiene. safety etc. The students here are very friendly and I made great friends here who will always be a part of my life. My school life has been the best and and there are no regrets about anything THANK YOU!!!

Student Stories
Student Stories

Suchita Jain - Class XII

I joined St. John’s Universal School in Class VIII in the year 2015-16.  Switching from an IGCSE Board to an ICSE Board was a challenging opportunity for me. Initially, I lacked the confidence and was not able to cope up with the study pattern of this board, but my teachers never gave up on me. They always cleared all my doubts related to their respective subjects. With their cooperation and support, I passed with flying colours and gained my confidence. The school provided a great help to us by arranging various fruitful sessions related to all the subjects, conducted by the subject experts. These sessions give us useful tips for scoring well in our boards and also provided us with an organized time table which we could refer for self-study. I performed really well in my ICSE Examinations. I was overjoyed when the school gave another opportunity for being able to continue with the same school in Class XI and XII with ISC Board. Studying in ISC Board gives us a special and a unique experience. Continuing with this school was a benefit for me as it provided us student friendly atmosphere. I switched my field from Science to Commerce which was a new subject for me. The school provided us with excellent and certified teachers and I am really thankful for having got such wonderful teachers. I am proud to be a student of St. John’s Universal School. The school has instilled a lot of confidence in me. When I look back at myself in Class VIII, I realize that I have progressed a lot, and for this I heartily thank the school and all my teachers who have always been helping me to date.

Pratham Shah - Class X

I am glad to share my experience in St. Johns Universal School for the past ten years. I am a Merit Award winner, Olympiad medalist, Asset Outstanding Performer and medalist of various intra and inter school sports competition. The credit goes to my school.

Since Jr.Kg., I have been brought up with great care and love making me feel as safe as my home. The moments in school at the time of various festivals, events and recess time are unforgettable. It is a well managed, neat and clean school. The environment is too good. We love to study and the way of teaching makes it like a piece of cake for us. The counsellors put their hearts into brightening the future of peer students. Academics as well as sports and other activities are given equal importance.

The teachers always allow me to miss school and participate in various sports competitions. The teachers are so friendly that we never hesitate to ask our doubts. I am always satisfied with my school as they have even put efforts and have been supportive, motivating and encouraging. Co-curricular activities are just fun. The school has always kept us updated about various seminars which are important to attend to make us destined towards our future and to reach our goals.

I always feel proud to be a part of Universal group. Thank you Universal school for everything you have done for me and other students.

Student Stories
Student Stories

Tia Chettiar - Class VI

Tia Chettiar – Class VI St. John Universal School. I, Tia Chettiar studying in grade 5 wish to become a world renowned author. My school has really helped me and always encourages me in pursuing my goal. My teachers and principal madam always motivate me to write poetries and stories.

The counsellors are also always by our side if any help is required by us – be it in class or teaching us life lessons. Our counselors always cater to the individual needs of the students depending on their strengths and weaknesses and they are always there to help us out in various situations of our life.

My school has given me the exposure by allowing me to participate in various Inter school and Intra School events in English, Science, Maths, Arts and Computer. I am very grateful for having such wonderful mentors by my side.

One of the most cherished moments in my life was when I was in grade 4 and won the inter School elocution competition called Xuberance. I came first among 16 schools I really thank god my teachers and parents for always pushing me in the right direction.

I started writing poems and stories when I was 5 years old and I continue to do so. My favourite area in my school is the library. It has over 20,000 books of various geners and as I am an avid reader I love to spend as much time as possible in the library (if given a chance). We also have the e-library system in our school. This gives me an opportunity of exploring the unending world of knowledge.

I love my school and I want to make my school proud of me by becoming a famous author someday.

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